Tuesday | 27. June | 15:30
Werdenfels-Gymnasium | Aula



Udo Wachtveitl | Richard Strauss
Brigitte Fassbaender
| Pauline Strauss
Henry Arnold
| Stefan Zweig
Aenne Schwarz
| Lotte Zweig
Armin Schlagwein
| Hans Hinkel
Gerd Lohmeyer
| Paul Adolph

Georg Büttel | Direction

Ronald Harwood

Udo Wachtveitl      Ks. Brigitte Fassbaender (c) Marc Gilsdorf    

Armin Schlagwein     Gerd Lohmeyer © Hilda Lobinger    

Henry Arnold © Urban Ruths Aenne Schwarz

„How do artists react when the political and social situation demands an ethical decision?“  This question is dealt with in the British author Ronald Harwood’s play „Collaboration“.
The plot:  After the death of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, his kindred spirit who wrote the texts for Der Rosenkavalier, Elektra, Arabella and Die Frau ohne Schatten, Richard Strauss is desperate. He fears never to be able to write another opera unless he finds a first-rate playwright. Then Stefan Zweig offers to work with him and suggests, Die schweigsame Frau.  But the partnership is overshadowed by the Nazi dictatorship, which wishes to adopt Strauss as their own, but rejects the Jewish writer. Strauss compromises with the Regime in order to protect his Jewish daughter-in-law.  Stefan Zweig is shattered by the loss of his spiritual home.
The much loved „Tatort“ police commissioner Udo Wachtveitl is Richard Strauss with Brigitte Fassbaender as his wife Pauline, as well as Henry Arnold and Aenne Schwarz as Stefan and Lotte Zweig will be a dream cast for this gripping piece.

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